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Smart Trainers and Consultants offer services in TRAINING.

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We believe that diagnosis is necessary for the best treatment.

We have designed novel training assessment tools that not only give the right results of training but also give the right feedback to you about your employees at any and every level; how they are doing, why they act in a particular way, what is their mental and psychological makeup, what could have been their background of family upbringing that could have shaped them or discouraged them and what conditions now encourage or restrict their emotions and understanding that restrict or motivate their behaviour and much more. Some of these tools that we use give you near-accuracy results and help you understand how you can get the best out of your team.

We strongly recommend our unique tool XPRT (Excellent Personal Relationships) to strengthen Personnel Development at all levels of your organization and utilize our Behavioral Orientation tool XCEL (Excellent Customer Relationships) that makes them excel in their Customer Relations Skills.

All programs are customized for each client in each vertical- we identify the training needs to execute these customized programs.

     ♦  We derive the assessment using our XPRT (Excellent Personal Relationships) module

     ♦  We offer Industry specific Training for Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals and         Educational Institutions.

We offer help in

     ♦  NABH standards Implementation and Training for NABH certification and help

     ♦  Organizing CMEs for Specialist Doctors for Hospital Needs on demand

     ♦  Faculty Training and Student focused trainings are designed for each customer         institutions as per their need.