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XCEL (Excellent Customer Relationships) :

What is XCEL?

XCEL stands for Excellent Customer Relationships.

Every individual who plays a part in customer relations has certain orientations imbibed in him. Anyone working in a Hospital, Diagnostic Services, Pharmaceuticals, or any Teaching Institution must be expert in Customer Relations. And each person has his or her own perceptions of what is the right orientation for customer relations. And they may not be correct.

To understand these Smart Trainers and Consultants have a unique workshop on Behavioural Orientation – that is called XCEL (Excellent Customer Relationships).

During this workshop, the customer relations agents are asked to use the logical sequencing method to arrange NINE statements each under FIVE segments in order of their preference. Then they rank it in a tabular column and are asked to shade their styles of 9 orientations.

The trainers after grouping them under the different orientations conduct a mock selling of their services (based on the Vertical they represent), to a group of buyers selected from among them. The salesperson and his superior who visit the customers or receive them in their business location, try to “sell” their products or services using their skills of Customer relations they exhibit.

All of them are given their formats for evaluation which they reveal openly after the live session. The trainers rate their skills and analyze their orientations openly and give constructive criticism of the presentations and orientation styles of customer relations.

We strongly recommend this fun-filled workshop in all areas where customer relations are important. Guaranteed better customer relations need to improve sales and revenue leading to better turnover in the number of customers seeking the institution’s services.

Outcome: Excellent Customer relations exhibited throughout the organization helps in building customer loyalty. Thus these 2 programs ( XPRT (Excellent Personal Relationships) and XCEL (Excellent Customer Relationships) ) ensure the success of every organization building People Relationships and Customer Relationships that are essential for the Teams to succeed with Internal and External customers.

Corporate References: TOP clients(XCEL- Excellent Customer Relationships)

Apollo Hospitals- Jubilee Hills- Hyderabad (Telangana)

Profit Shoe Company Pvt Ltd- Vijayawada ( Andhra Pradesh)

Glochem Industries- Hyderabad

Polmon Instruments Pvt Ltd Hyderabad

Ziza Organics Pvt Ltd. -Hyderabad

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